Feast of Epiphany: This is Christmas!

This is Christmas!

By Fr Cedric Prakash, SJ –

This is Christmas:
In the still silence and darkness of the night
We see the lead star, so radiant and so bright
Beckoning us all to that journey long awaited
To experience truth, love, joy and peace unabated

This is Christmas:
As we rise in haste with deep, pure, unbridled joy
Packing our precious gifts but also a simple toy
The journey we are aware is long and rather tough
The prophets have warned us that real roads are rough

This is Christmas:
We are ashamed to say that we carelessly lost our way
The palace of Herod was not the place for us to stay
We painfully learn that jealousy, hate, power and might
Is not our Saviour’s Way: He is Truth, Peace and Light

This is Christmas:
We find him; on knees we spontaneously worship him
Gold, frankincense and myrrh are gifts rich in symbolism
Grateful, sincere expressions for the profound sanctity
We experience in actual poverty, simplicity and humility

This is Christmas:
No more the glitter of lights or festooned decorations
Been a hectic twelve days with several celebrations
With Christmas trees, Santa clauses, wining and dining
That chapter is over- now to focus on the one true thing

This is Christmas:
We open ourselves to the spirit and wisdom of the ages
The Magi did this; they were truly both saints and sages
Allowing the revelation to touch every dimension of life
The Lord manifests himself to us in peace and in strife

This is Christmas:
Accompanying Joseph, Mary and child Jesus to Egypt
As they flee violence and persecution to hide in a crypt
The locals made sure that these refugees were welcomed
That they were totally protected, promoted and integrated

This is Christmas:
Renewing commitments which we made at our baptism
To live a life not in loud words, but in action with charism
To listen to the voice of the spirit saying “this is my child”
To be a prophet in a world which has gone terribly wild

This is Christmas:
It is neither a day nor that highly commercial season
When we conveniently forget that Jesus is the reason
The ‘good cheer’ and merriment that just holds sway
Overlooks the fact that Jesus is born in our hearts today!

This is Christmas:
To courageously live every moment, its undying spirit
To cherish and share the values of peace, joy and truth
To stand up for the poor, the excluded and for all that is right
To be witness today in a world that longs for HIS love and light

Fr Cedric Prakash sj is a human rights activist. He is currently based in Lebanon with the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in the Middle East on advocacy and communications.  Contact: cedricprakash@gmail.com

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  1. Blessings be to YOU dear Fr Cedric Prakash.
    May You, as one in the SOCIETY of JESUS, lead many a Lebanese to the Cave of Birth or the Crypt of Refuge as the case may be.
    Happy Christmas-Epiphany to YOU and to all yours there or wherever.
    Also do have a Rewarding 2018

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