If God Dials You, Will You Take That Call?

By Fr Antony Christy, SDB –

Jon 3: 1-5, 10; 1 Cor 7: 29-31; Mk 1:4-20

Just imagine you get a call on your mobile today: GOD CALLING… What would be your response! In fact, the readings speak to us of a reality as such. The Lord calls each of us today; right now!

We can DECLINE it…swiping the red button! I have been given the freedom to say “yes” to God. I can use the same freedom to say NO. And that is the fact – many in the world today are continuously saying that no to the Lord. In the choices that they make, in the attitudes that the take, in the decisions they abide by, even by the silence that many observe in the face of things that revolt, militate against God, many are saying no! They are declining that call that God gives on a daily basis.

We can set a REMINDER to it…saying, ‘may be, I will decide on it later!’. But the Lord says, “The times has come… you cannot postpone it any longer’. We cannot postpone it, we cannot have it our way! Today, we need to respond to the Lord. Today, we need to take up the cause of the Lord. If I wait for a tomorrow, the difference that I have to make will no more be relevant. If the Lord calls me today, to do something, to say something, to take upto something, there is a particular purpose for it. I cannot postpone it. The disciples did not postpone it, they left everything and instantly followed Christ.

We can send a MESSAGE to the Lord… saying, ‘you see, it is not convenient right now or it is not convenient the way you want it’ – oh, how presumptuous of us! Jonah tried it. He had difference of opinion from the Lord. He resisted. He wanted his way. We know the Lord gave him an unforgettable experience to realise, after all the Lord had it right! The Lord is always right, we do not understand things that happen in our life. At least, Jonah has the openness to throw himself into the hands of God and allow God to take him where God wanted.

The ideal is to ACCEPT the call! Yes Lord, Here I come to do your will. Take me O Lord and use me as you wish! I shall be a humble instrument in your hand, do great things for the world. I shall be a simple harp in your hand, make my life a music. I shall be a little pencil in your hands, go ahead and work your masterpiece! Yes, Speak O Lord, I am listening!

Fr Antony Christy  is a Salesian Priest from 2005, who has a Masters in Philosophy (specialisation in Religion) and a Masters in Theology (Specialisation in Catechetics). He is currently pursuing his doctoral research in Theology at Salesian Pontifical University, Rome. Walking with the Young towards a World of Peace and Dialogue is the passion that fires him on.

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  1. Very inspiring…thanks. When I was a college student I loved this song:


    To say yes to God is in fact quite countercultural and revolutionary. One tends to forget that God & His followers are not ordinary. They have something radical in them. Like Morisette herself who sings the song. Pax.

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