Global Catholic Site Aleteia Selects ICM As Its India Partner!

Indian Catholic Matters (ICM) is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Aleteia – the most visited Catholic website in the world. Today Aleteia and ICM have come together to launch a partnership where content will be mutually shared cross both platforms for the benefit of a wider audience. Both Aleteia and ICM felt that the partnership can bring about great synergies that could be leveraged for further growth. There are no monetary aspects to this arrangement.

As culmination of the partnership, Aleteia is running today an ICM story (the first among the many to come) on The (true) legend of India’s only Catholic Queen. ICM too has launched an exclusive Aletetia channel on its site which it believes will have a great appeal to the Indian audience.

Aleteia is backed by Média-Participations, a European media group specializing in publishing (with more than 40 publishers), the printing industry (10 magazines), audiovisual production, and websites. Aleteia has been accompanied by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications and the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization. In communion with the Church’s Magisterium, Aleteia works with the dicasteries of the Holy See, and also collaborates with bishops conferences and religious orders, congregations and communities, some of which are directly involved in the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Evangelization through the Media (FEM).

Both organisations identified the need to provide relevant content that would appeal to a wider audience. Aleteia identified ICM for the high level of content it featured on its platform. Indian Catholic Matters run focused Indian Catholic content which has a global appeal. Indian Catholic Matters founders believe that it could compliment and showcase Aleteia‘s strong global content to ICM‘s fast growing readership.

Today ICM reaches out to thousands of Indian Catholics, and there’s scope to reach even more. There are 24 million Christians in India. Of that, 19.9 million are Catholics (Census of India, 2011).

Significantly, ICM is also linked to the Catholic Bishops of India CBCI website and provides content regularly to the CBCI website. ICM is listed on InterMirifica, a project coordinated by the Holy Father Pope Francis’ Secretariat for Communications.

ICM was founded by two lay Catholics based in India with a focus to provide light and easy reading over a mobile device. It’s not-for-profit and self-funded initiative to highlight Indian Catholic content offering daily reflections and incisive articles by Indian Catholic priests, religious and laity.