If We Had No Bones, Then…

David is nine-years old and in 4th grade. He is passionate about aircraft and football. His favourite team is Bayern Munich and he sings their team anthem in German! He has watched almost every single Aircrash Investigation documentary on National Geographic Channel. David is creative in writing and in art. On the occasion of Children’s Day, David has penned a poem for ICM readers! Thank you David and we wish our young readers a Happy Children’s Day!  

If We Had No Bones Then

If we had no bones then

We wouldn’t be holding phones.

I would like to take a stroll

But I hope that I wouldn’t roll.

That means our skeleton

would be like gelatin!

Let’s Play

On one bright sunny summer day

Four boys decide they would play.

Football said one, basketball said the other.

I really don’t know , let’s ask mother.

So football it would be,

With socks up to their knee.

One wanted to score’

The other tackled to the floor.

At last they were happy and tired

But for coming home late, they were fired!!